How To Choose Cheap And Healthy Dog Food?

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When you go into a Pet Shop, you’ll see so many brands, types, and price variations. Almost all brands of nutritional offers a complete and balanced in its packaging. Price factors could possibly be your next consideration. How to choose cheap and healthy dog food?

How To Choose Cheap And Healthy Dog Food

Before Choosing A Dog Food
There are several factors that you should pertimbangankan before you determine what foods that are suitable for your dog.

Make sure you choose age-appropriate food or stages. There are 3 stages of age in dogs that is puppy, adults, and seniors. All three have different nutritional needs.

You also need to consider the condition of the body of a dog. A dog that is too thin, too fat and too active to have different dietary needs.
Health history also can affect the way you determine the healthy food for dogs. For example, the dog food that has a history of allergy vary with the dog diabetes.

How To Choose Cheap And Healthy Dog Food

The last is your budget. The quality is usually directly proportional to the price. Dog food that has good quality with well-known brands typically expensive. However, many other cheaper alternatives with equivalent quality.

4 kinds of Quality dog food
You four different types of quality dry dog food sold in the market. What distinguishes them apart in terms of price?

Grocery. The main ingredients of this type of food is wheat, grains, and cereals, and others. As for the protein using eggs, bones, the blood of animals, and animal offal such as intestine, liver, and so on. Typically contains preservatives and MSG so it is not recommended for long term health.

Premium. In addition, this type of rice using soy and maize as karbihidrat. Although still include offal, but the content of nutrients in it is quite complete and not artificial flavoring. Example: Pedigri, Alpo, and so on.

How To Choose Cheap And Healthy Dog Food

Super Premium. Well, if you’re looking for healthy food to your dog, you can choose healthy food for dogs, I recommend to choose this type. Dog food with a grade no longer include the offal of animals, does not contain preservative substances, chemical flavorings. Examples of products with this Super Premium label include: Royal Canin, Science Hill, Purines, and so on.

Holistic. All materials contained in the type of Holistic dog food is organic. From the starting material of protein such as chicken, beef, or fish to grain and fiber, all of which was organic material.

Tips On Choosing A Cheap And Healthy Dog Food
Choose quality or Super Premium Holistic
Both of these types do not contain preservatives and chemical substances so that it can be a healthy choice of food for dogs. In addition, the materials used are also more quality than Premium and Grocery.

How To Choose Cheap And Healthy Dog Food

Select budget
One of the disadvantages of both types of healthy dog food is a more expensive price. Brands such as Royal Canin and Science Hill is famous for its high price.

But, don’t worry because many other brands also offer a quality equivalent to a more affordable price. You can ask the staff of any Pet Shop dog food that has Premium quality or Holistic following price. Then choose the appropriate with your budget.

Check The Nutritional Content Of
Before deciding to purchase a healthy diet for your dog, make sure you check out the various information contained in the packaging. Includes information about the content of nutrients.

How To Choose Cheap And Healthy Dog Food

Evaluation Of The Dog’s Health
Pay attention to the health of your dog for 2 weeks to 1 month of usage. If there is a change in bowel movements well pattern or shape? If your dog shows symptoms of allergies? If not, you’ve managed to find cheap and healthy dog food that is suitable for your four-leg friend.

Foods Suitable For Puppies
Determine good food for a puppy is almost the same as selecting food for adult dogs. It’s just that there are some things that should be noted. Among them:

Never give adult dog food puppy though the quality is very good. This is because the digestive system has not developed the perfect puppy.

Make sure the dog food you buy for your puppy does not contain chemicals, preservatives, and artificial dyes.
Foods suitable for a puppy is that it contains more protein than meat-dagingan and less the content of karbohidratnya.
Contains a complete nutritional and balanced for puppies.

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